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Understanding Laboratory Quality Management ISO 17025 Book Course

Course Duration

5 Days

Course Description

  • Laboratories can expect to be under continuing pressure to meet more exacting ‘good measurement practice’ requirements, as detailed in ISO/IEC 17025 and related laboratory accreditation standards. In order to meet these new requirements and demonstrate that their measurements are fit for purpose,
  • Laboratories will need to upgrade their technical systems, particularly with regard to the following:
    • The selection and validation of methods.
    • Establishing the traceability of measurements and the selection and use of reference materials.
    • The evaluation of measurement uncertainty

Course Objective

Making the decision to implement ISO/IEC 17025 can be critical to the overall success of a laboratory. However, the manner with which it is implemented is even more crucial, because if properly done, it will literally enable the company to meet the highest standards for its customers. It will also provide universal assurance that its data and service quality will consistently meet these expectations, resulting in worldwide acceptance of your laboratory’s test results and providing legally defensible data to your clients. The purpose of this course is to provide attendees with an understanding of the background to the laboratory accreditation
Process, and the interrelation between QS/ISO 9000 Quality Management System Standards. The course will provide detailed guidance on the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025, the structuring of quality system documentation, implementation steps and laboratory accreditation requirements. Upon completing this course attendees will receive certification of training. The certificates shall attest to the participation of the course “Laboratory Quality Management – ISO/IEC 17025”.

Course Certificate

UMETTS will issue attendance certificates to all attendees after attending the course duration.

Who Should attend?

  • Laboratory quality/technical managers
  • Laboratory technicians/supervisors
  • Assessors of laboratory management systems
  • Users of calibration and test services
  • Directors of quality
  • Improvement of measurement& testing groups

In addition to the above list the course is equally suitable to project managers, team leaders or
other key personnel responsible for implementing a quality management system based on ISO/IEC 17025.

Course Outline


  • Introduction
  • History, purpose and structure of ISO/IEC 17025.
  • Interpretation of the Standard.
  • Comparison of ISO 17025 and the ISO 9001 quality system standards
  • (Accreditation vs. certification).
  • How to comply with the detailed step-by-step requirements of the standard.


  • Organization and Management
  • Quality System, Audit and Review
  • Personnel
  • Accommodation and Environment


  • Equipment and Reference Materials
  • Measurement Traceability and , test & calibration methods
  • Calibration and Test Methods; handling of Test Items
  • Proficiency testing


  • Records
  • Certificates and Reports
  • Purchased material and services (Subcontracting of Calibration and Testing, Outside support services and supplies)


  • Structure of quality system documentation and preparation of Level 3 procedures:
  • Outside Support
  • Services and
  • Supplies
  • Feedback Complaints
  • ISO/IEC 17025 implementation steps
  • Accreditation body requirements – Accreditation organizations/bodies in different countries – Mutual recognition agreements