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Total Quality Management (TQM) Within the Organisation Book Course


2 day



Brief Description

This has been designed to introduce delegates to the fundamentals of Quality Management.


To update the knowledge of delegates in quality terminology and quality systems.


  • Candidates will understand the importance of Quality Auditing
  • Candidates will be able to plan and execute an audit
  • Candidates will be competent in writing out corrective actions requests (CAR’s)
  • Understanding the importance of Management Commitment to TQM
  • Understanding the importance of employee ‘buy in’ to TQM
  • Candidates will be able to understand the TQM process and how to implement it
  • Candidates will understand how to structure a TQM programme

Topics Covered

What is Quality and Quality Assurance

  • The types of audits
  • Definition of TQM and the theory behind it
  • ISO9000 series
  • Examples of different styles of procedures
  • The typical contents of a quality manual
  • The follow-up procedure
  • The need for continuous improvement
  • The costs of TQM

ISO9000 series – Quality Assurance