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Quality Management System (QMS) Lead Auditor Course with Specific Reference to ISO/IEC 17025 Book Course

Course Duration

5 Days

Course Description

Thistraining is a comprehensive look at the latest revision of the ISO 17025 and its documentation and internal auditing requirements. You will gain critical insight on the interpretation of the requirements of this laboratory standard and you will also receive a detailed review of the accreditation process.
You will learn how to design and develop laboratory documents and quality manuals. The quality manual will be examined as to its impact on laboratory operations and what purpose it serves. You will learn what information it should contain, what writing style is most effective and how to keep your documents and quality manual up to date.
Thistraining also gives attendees the knowledge needed to establish an internal quality audit program as required by ISO 17025, and to initiate the sequence of activities involved in scheduling, planning, conducting, reporting on and closing out internal quality audits. Participants will be able to e m ploy effective techniques of auditing and the ability to develop the auditing procedures, scheduling and recording system s needed to sustain the program.
Attendees will receive practical instructions on the development, implementation and long-term maintenance of an effective laboratory quality system.

Course Objective

This highly participative course provides comprehensive instruction on auditing quality management systems. Reference is made to the international standards on quality management systems, ISO 9000 and ISO/IEC 17025. The training concentrates primarily on external audits, such as supplier and third-party audits.

Course Certificate

UEMTSS Consultant certificate will be issued to all attendees completing all of the total tuition hours of the workshop.

Who Should attend?

Thistraining is suitable for Laboratory Managers, Superintendents, Supervisors, Chemists, Analysts and Technicians. Further, this workshop will be of great value for Quality Mangers, Quality Engineers, Quality Auditors and Management Representatives.

  • Individuals wishing to perform audits to ISO/IEC 17025
  • Laboratory managers and supervisors
  • Companies seeking ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation
  • Companies that recognize the value of operating effective laboratory management systems
  • Registrar/Accreditation body Auditors
  • Existing (ISO/QS-9000) auditors who are looking to expand their skills in the area of laboratory practices
  • Supplier quality auditors wishing to evaluate laboratory service suppliers, including calibration suppliers

Course Outline

Key Session Topics

  • Overview of ISO/IEC 17025 requirements
  • Understanding the difference between quality system registration and accreditation
  • Coordinating a quality management system audit against ISO/IEC 17025
  • Constructing an audit program and prepare audit checklists
  • Learning effective auditing techniques
  • Preparing non-compliance statements
  • Evaluating the significance of audit findings
  • Methods for improving communication skills
  • How to report the findings and conclusions
  • Developing and implementing corrective action programs
  • Evaluating corrective action and understand customer notification requirements
  • How to effectively follow-up audit findings to recognize a nonconformity