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Gas chromatography: operation, calibration & troubleshooting Book Course

Course Duration

5 days




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Who should attend this course?

This workshop is offering everything the professional and the novice need to know about running, maintaining, and interpreting the results from Gas Chromatography. Analytical chemists, technicians, and scientists in allied disciplines will regard this workshop as the best in gas chromatography. In addition to serving as an invaluable update for the experienced practitioner, this workshop provides the beginner with a solid understanding of gas chromatographic theory and basic techniques.

Programme Objectives

  • To build extensive understanding and excellent skills in gas chromatography technology and associated techniques used.
  • To operate the gas chromatography equipment in the safest and best practical way.
  • To build up the knowledge and skills on how to maintain gas chromatography and able to train others, particularly the graduates and new comers.
  • To calibrate gas chromatography and produce results with the highest precision and accuracy and reliable source
  • To manage trouble shooting and identifying the source of the problem and the scientific method of eliminating the problem from reoccurring.
  • To develop new methods and procedures development for new tests and using it in research and development projects
  • Be familiar with sampling and sample handling concepts, the effect of sampling error on overall precision, sample contamination and preservation, disposal of completed sample and reporting of data and sample accountability

Course Description

Gas Chromatography Troubleshooting & User Maintenance’ provides fundamental knowledge about troubleshooting, start up, elementary maintenance and diagnostics from chromatograms. The course will introduce troubleshooting as a way of thinking and acting, as well as dealing with some of the most common problems related to GC including the starting of standard and routine GC maintenance for operations and diagnostics from chromatograms. This course will assist trainees in operating their system in a reliable way.

Course Content

  • A structured approach to troubleshooting
  • First checks; tools and spare parts
  • Sample introductions; syringes and valves
  • Injectors; direct and splitter
  • Gas regulation system; flow controller, pressure regulator and gas purity filters
  • Columns; temperature range, over-loading and bleeding
  • Detection techniques including TCD and FID
  • Data; unstable baseline, fluctuations, retention data, repeatability, reproducibility and reliability
  • Common problems related to data management software
  • System repeatability;
  • Quantitative repeatability; deviation in peak height, peak area
  • Maintenance scheme, routine checks and replacement
  • Diagnostics from chromatograms and interpretation of problems