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Chemistry for Non-Chemists Book Course

Course Duration

5 Days

Course Description

Like most people, you probably had basic chemistry courses in high school or college. But as time goes by, you’ve become a little rusty on the basic chemical concepts and jargon. Unlike your colleagues employed outside chemical industry, you sometimes find yourself straining to remember chemistry concepts to relate to certain job tasks. This is why UMETTS developed these new courses specifically for people who work in the chemical industry but are not chemists. These courses will reacquaint

Course Objective

Training Methodology

This interactive training course includes the following training methodologies as a percentage of the total tuition hours:-
30%     Lectures
30%     Workshops & Work Presentations
20%     Case Studies & Practical Exercises
20%     Videos, Software & General Discussions

Course Certificate

UMETTS  certificate will be issued to all attendees completing all the total tuition hours of the course

Who Should attend?

Anyone in engineering, finance, marketing, law, sales, government, and public relations who works in a chemically related business

Course Outline

Part 1, Atoms and Molecules

  • Overview of the Chemical Industry: What is Chemistry
  • The Building Blocks
  • Elements and Atoms, Compounds and Molecules; Periodic Behavior; Introduction to Chemical Bonding; Covalent Bonding; 3D Structures of Molecules and Other Important Types of Bonding
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Introduction to Chemical Reactions; Getting Some Control Over Chemical Reactions; Acids and Bases
  • Gases

Part 2, Organic and Polymer Chemistry Concepts

  • Basic Concepts
  • Carbon–A Unique Element; Isomers and Functional Groups
  • Saturated Hydrocarbons
  • Introduction to Saturated Hydrocarbons; Hydrocarbon Rings; Reactions of Saturated Hydrocarbons
  • Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
  • Introduction to Unsaturated Hydrocarbons and Polymerization; Polymers and Polymer Pro