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Basic Statistical Analysis of Lab Data Book Course

Course Duration

5 Days


27 Nov 2016 – 01 Dec 2016



Coursee Fee


Course Description

Review and learn the fundamentals of statistics as they apply to laboratory data. Learn from practical examples that are found in typical analytical chemistry laboratories.

This course includes live web cast sessions with the instructor, a printed course manual, the course manual is a comprehensive text that includes complete explanations of key concepts, many examples that are exhaustively explained, and ample student exercises with answers

Course Objective

  • Gain confidence in the use of basic statistical methods
  • Enhance your ability to extract more meaningful data from your data sets
  • Improve your decision-making abilities
  • Learn new ways to look at data
  • Reduce the number of measurements required for certain applications

Course Certificate

UMETTS certificate will be issued to all attendees completing all of the total tuition hours of the course.

Who Should attend?

Analytical laboratory managers, R&D managers, manufacturing and production managers, scientists, engineers, technicians, and others who need to understand traditional methods of data analysis. The course assumes no previous knowledge of statistics and is aimed at both beginning and experienced workers

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Measurement
  3. Accuracy And Precision
  4. Mean
  5. Standard Deviation
  6. Decisions
  7. Confidence Interval
  8. Statistical Samples
  9. Means
  10. Standard Deviations
  11. Student’s t
  12. Statistical Testing
  13. Values And Power
  14. Algebra And Logic
  15. Hypothesis Testing
  16. Pooling
  17. Formal Statistical Tests
  18. One-Sample t Test
  19. Two-Sample t Test
  20. Paired t Test
  21. Fisher’s F Test
  22. One-Way ANOVA 
  23. Outliers
  24. Central Limit Theorem
  25. Sensitivity
  26. Limit Of Detection
  27. Minimum Detectable Amount
  28. Limit Of Quantitation